Common Courtesy

I am generally a nice person. I really believe this.

After all, I think anything you fail to believe in entirely lacks reality and I carry my “nice” quality like a catholic carries a rosary.

Still, I must reiterate that I am, “GENERALLY” a nice person.

Yes, yes; “generally” is the key word. Truth of the matter is, no matter how “nice” or “good” my intentions are I can often be quite the bitch. And yes, sometimes, my intentions may even not be so “good”. Ultimately however, I am genuinely a whole-hearted individual that is fed up with all the hurt and destruction this world manifests. Thus, I have and am continuing to make a conscious effort to do the opposite. I am making a conscious effort to emit positivity and goodness, no matter how much something or someone is getting on my nerves.

As one would imagine, this is much easier said than done. People have idiotic tendencies, and although I am no Da Vinci or Einstein, I am by no means an idiot either. I breathe in knowledge and attempt to exhale artistry. Intellect and creativity are my life force, and when people demean them, I feel as though they are demeaning the essence of who I am. People simply suck sometimes. How then should I respect them? F*CK THEM! Right?!

This is a dangerous place to be. Bad, bad wave length within the spectrum! This is what I like to call: the self-righteous pedestal. Far from self-confidence. Far from love for one’s self. This is separation. Down right and utter severance of a plausibly worthy experience or connection to another human being.

The fact of the matter is we are all stupid in our own right. Trial and error, hypothesis and test, failure, experimentation—all part of our nature, our essence. So, if you are “smart” enough to notice “stupidity,” I say: GET OFF YOUR F*CKING PEDESTAL. All we can do is bear to learn from the darkness of stupidity to seek to reach the light at the other side.

Have the common sense to acknowledge the fact that people have different eyes. Have the common sense to acknowledge the fact that people will never truly see what you see. But more, have the COMMON COURTESY to acknowledge the fact that people are people, just like you—no matter how differently they see.

So, be kind. Be nice. Be wise.


As Fiona would say,

“The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do”


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