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Tinctures are u…

Welcome to the Tea Party

Tinctures are usually made by soaking herbs in alcohol. The alcohol base preserves the herb’s potency for a long time, often for two years or more. Since sunlight can destroy the effectiveness of herbs, tinctures are packaged in dark bottles that should always be stored in a cool, dark place[…] The different substances within a tincture may separate, so always shake the bottle vigorously […] If you are avoiding alcohol for any reason […] add the appropriate dose of tincture to one-half cup of very warm water; let it stand for 10 minutes. By the time the water is cool enough to drink, most of the alcohol will have evaporated.

Complete Guide to Safe Herbs-page 16

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Inspiration, Not Inspired

Although inspiration has been flowing in and out of me these past couple weeks (in conversation, in the kitchen, in my day job, through music), I have not gotten around to do any writing.  See, my marriage with the written word often leads to periods of separation. Forever bound, but never tied to my pen.

Is this Writer’s Block?  I decided to start blogging to evade the daunting horror of writer’s block. I figured,

  “If I write, write with fervor, without inhibition, without formative direction, for a live/public audience, just maybe, just maybe—writing would once again become the natural process that it once was for me.”

‘Tis all about practice, right?

The thing is, I am a REBEL. I DO NOT like conforming! In fact, I avoid it as much as possible.

No, no. I DO NOT engage in car theft, graffiti writing on walls, or any other stereotypical illegal activity that fails to come to mind at the moment. I do, however, have a tendency of being headstrong and confrontational towards many situations. …And yes, my own writing is one.

So, expect the occasional long gaps between my posts. It may steer you away, but I urge you to wait. Learn patience with me. I am not sure who or what I am writing for really, but I do know I have something to say. Besides, I wouldn’t want to over-flood your feed with too much senselessness anyhow.

I leave you with this:

Just as the sun casts the shadows to sketch our silhouettes, so too does the night’s darkness set the stage for us to gaze upon the stars’ sacred light.


Please comment below if you’d like to see some healthy food/beverage recipes. I have plenty to share!