Appetite for Conversation

June 25th, 2013

Heights far from wuthered, wuthered far from high
And so , I write:             

Senselessly I begin to sense…

Your words coming forth,
I the ember, and you my breath.

Your mouth dancing in the darkness of the night,
As though the moon reflecting perfect light.

Shine bright, shine bright and shine—
Till the eloquence spawning from your lips finds mine.

We’ll speak along the evening tide,
Delicately whispering till the sun dawns the desires we cannot hide.

Your diction like the pen, writing sonnets across my sky;

Enticing in rhymes,
Conveying in sighs.

Verbalize, verbalize,
Till noon, till your satisfied.

The stage is set,
Compose your rosette.

Express, express,
My pleasure’s manifest through your utterance.


Quivering in the sound,
Through your touch I am found.

Let my body be the Tao,
Onto which you bow.

And I will stand in ovation,
Of your sacred convocation.


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