Towards an Ethically Driven Techno-Society

Scientific progress is reaching an extraordinary period. Deep brain stimulation to manipulate behavior and alter memories, genetic engineering of food supply and living organisms, and human-techno immersion are just a few of the new facets of the modern world (see Cyranoski, Dick, Qiu, & Shen). In effect, there are many positives and negatives that need be addressed.

Thanks to mobile devices and Internet, the ease of communication between people across countries is quite remarkable. New advances in medicine certainly have their benefits in society. Still, these emerging technologies can also lend themselves to ethical misconduct. It is necessary to begin to discuss the implications of these developments and attempt to implement the necessary ethical principles.

Earlier this week, the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues convened to debate the ethical issues at the intersection of advances in biology and technology. However,
the only conclusion reached was that the public and academics should be educated on bioethical issues.

Although this is a start, much more effort is needed.


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