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Dogmas Untrue

I walk along the street carelessly,
Paving way without direction.

Observing the skies, the birds, the trees, the leaves–
The scent of autumn’s dawn and summers gone.

And there– your church.
A worthy place of worship.

Pillars of magnificence,
Goddess of gods,
Basilican sculpted awe.

And here–  I pray.
I pray to dogmas untrue.
I pray to see form in the invisibility of you.

My faith is firm with a superfluous foundation,
My love is kinetic with no potential.

The blueprints of this cathedral are misconstrued,
No point, no angle, no dimension, true.



Magnascopy and Paradoxy of a New Month, Hello September!

Hello blog…and reader’s too, if there are any out there.

Today is the first day of September of the year 2013. While I am supposed to be working on an important assignment that it is due in a couple hours, I am feeling uneasy. Very uneasy. Thus, I decided to take a couple minutes to write. Truth is, I cannot really organize my thoughts enough to really know what I want to say. However, I am itching to express. Here goes my feeble attempt of healing through my craft.

Today is the first day of September of the year 2013.  Summer is gone, but the stench of blue skies, palm tress, and beach still flood the South Florida air.
It’s hot and humid outside. Indoors, the air conditioning unit is strong enough to fool any genius.

My skin is dry and my bones are cold.
My heart is pumping blood much slower than my mind’s anxiety comprehends.
Then again, I have trained my body well.

Today is the first day of September of the year 2013. The world’s water and food supply are tainted by the flawed construct that is currency and the unnerving greed that produces its blurring “richness”.  Truth is, there isn’t much difference between the word “dollar” and the word “nuclear” when it comes to our modern societal jargon.

Shit’s rough, shit sucks. Shit’s shit and that’s the way it goes. Digested? Sort of.

My skin is dry and my bones are cold.
My throat chokes up but my eyes show no sign of moisture. Feeling a need to have this discomfort drip on out and through, but I have trained my body well.

Today is the first day of September of the year 2013. All the YOUs and Is are essential pieces of the transgalatic puzzle, necessary points within the dynamic living system that we call earth– a fundamental slice of the whole loaf.
Bread, knife, and butter.

No matter how much we are aware of, it is the essence of humanity to narrow the scope. It’s focus, individuality, or the fractal disposition of nature or something.
Misdirected, directing back to

Today is the first day of September of the year 2013. The thought of her calls for magnification. What a waste of perspective, what squander of sentiment. She is a good blunt that leaves you with cottonmouth for days. All I can do is keep brushing these teeth and drink more and more water till I am rid of her toxins. All she is…is what she could have been. Never food, never fed, somehow digested.

Writing words can be a diuretic.
Waste. Toilet is flushed.

Today is the first day of September of the year 2013. Let’s see if I could manage to get some work done now.


Burnout: The Disease of Our Civilization
Arianna Huffington                 August 22, 2013

“…more and more businesses are realizing that the long-term health of their bottom line is directly tied to the long-term health of their employees.”

“Companies that make sincere efforts to recognize employees’ lives outside of the office,” said Glassdoor’s Rusty Rueff, “will often see the payoff when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent.”

As Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project writes, it’s no surprise that the same principles that apply to athletic performance also hold true for business performance. In physical training, he writes, “it’s during rest and renewal that muscle growth actually occurs.” Likewise, it’s in periods of sleep and downtime that our minds recharge. The key is to have “the biggest waves between activity and rest.” To challenge our minds intensely, but also have very deliberate and complete downtime. “The same rhythmic movement serves us well all day long, but instead we live mostly linear, sedentary lives,” he writes. “We go from email to email, and meeting to meeting, almost never getting much movement, and rarely taking time to recover mentally and emotionally.”
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