As Above, So Below: Reflections Gathering

As above, so below,
As the stars and planets ordain,
We are reflection of Cosmic DNA.
Manifested organically, existing dynamically,
Interwoven and intertwined,
Yet separate in form, to form define.

So define, but not Defined.
Realize, Realize.

Speak your mind,
See your life.
Love and flow,
Find, you grow.

All is Know.
And so it goes..

We are the authors,
Language, our echo to the ages.
Yet it is written,
So listen through the pages.
We are the conscious and the awareness.

Un-define, the Self-Defined.
Realize, Real Eyes.

Speak your mind,
See your life.
Love and flow,
Find, you grow.

All is Know.
For so it goes… As above, so below.


On Seeing Too Much…High Definition and Such

Separate. Distant. Nothing and everything simultaneously.
We are the discontinuity between general relativity and quantum theory.
A missing metric that measures up in ways we cannot describe;
Nor define.

Seek to find,
Hide and Seek.
Drawing lines for the sake of not spinning.

“Techno-optimism” and Jason Silva’s “Cinematic Philosophical Shots of Espresso”


The techno-optimist Jason Silva has been bringing the world his “cinematic philosophical shots of espresso,” presenting complex information (typically in reference to science and technology) in a exquisitely appealing fashion.

Marshall McLuhan once suggested, “the medium is the message.”  Jason Silva embodies this idea through his this videos. The self-proclaimed “filmmaker,” “futurist,” and “epiphany addict,” captivates the most skeptic of viewers with his high quality mash-ups, boundless enthusiasm and passionate delivery. This video is one of my favorites, though I highly recommend you check out his others as well.

Find more of his videos @

…But what exactly are the benefits of this “Techno-optimism”? Writer Paul Gilding suggests it can even begin to save the world!! [see:]