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All is Know

As above, so below,
As the stars and planets ordain,
We are reflection of Cosmic DNA.
Manifested organically, existing dynamically,
Interwoven and intertwined,
Yet separate in form, to form define.

So define, but not Defined.
Realize, Realize.

Speak your mind,
See your life.
Love and flow,
Find, you grow.

All is Know.
And so it goes..

We are the authors,
Language, our echo to the ages.
Yet it is written,
So listen through the pages.
We are the conscious and the awareness.

Un-define, the Self-Defined.
Realize, Real Eyes.

Speak your mind,
See your life.
Love and flow,
Find, you grow.

All is Know.
For so it goes… As above, so below.


I Am- Alive, Free, Responsible and Thankful.

I made a decision to be free. To live, according to me.

Dismantling the concept of career and destiny from my day to day, I began my efforts to experience moments genuinely.
Fuck success. I crave to perceive and to feel.

In so doing, I unexpectedly found myself embarking on a path of self-healing. Consulting nature, science, psychology, and art…apathy, empathy, love, and anger…calories, diets, meditation, and exercise…sex, abstinence, and, all kinds of chemistry….
Ha! The wonder! The ecstatic catharsis of being— of being well!
How’s that for success?!

No stranger to pain and illness, this path has set me free beyond measure. I’ve found that there is no need to measure, but rather, a demand to embrace and appreciate—to live consciously. To be consciously aware of the moment that is happening now.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a potential line drawn to and from infinity.
So, I witness; I participate—today.
…Because today is the here. Today is where I am. Today is my now, and I am enjoying it!

Still, in embracing, appreciating, and consciously perceiving,
I am finding that freedom requires responsibility.
Responsibility and commitment to the very vessels that enable my personal freedom and resulting enjoyment;
Responsibility and commitment to my spirit, mind, and body.

My freedom lies in how I see what I see, but so too does the cycle of entrapment.
It is a vicious cycle of the dualistic modalities I have come to accept as a member of the conditioned acculturation of the wanting and needing paradigm– of the fearing and loving spectrum.

I am human.
I am no saint, no sinner, nor confined to ethos of a belief structure.
I am.

Still, responsibility and commitment are key to ensuring the doors of freedom are never locked. It is responsibility and commitment that brings about palpable healing, authentic freedom, freedom in being fully present, freedom in the NOT running away.
…Because, you can’t be Albert Hoffman if you don’t know how to ride a bike.

I seek and see. I dually engage.
I aim and am actively achieving synthesis between fight and flight.

I am responsible and accountable for my spirit, mind and body and how they are reflected onto others.
I am committed to remain aware and thankful.

INSPIRED BY : Recent decisions in my personal life and Cellular Enlightenment