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Shared Nature

I do to get my heart going,
To remember how it beats.

It races.

Nervousness connects us to our humanity,
To the ability to apply psyche to mechanisms of fight and flight.

Hyper-erratic is our new nature,
And consciousness is our engine.

Just as the breath in our lungs was cultivated by the elements and the botanical alchemy of atmospheric transformation,
Just as the love story that evolved into mythology and mysticism
We are beyond eukaryote,
We are beyond mutating DNA,
e are aware.

Consciousness bred communication, communication is parent to understanding and the modifications that have become the structures and patterns the can be described as culture, or, our new nature— our Shared Nature.

In propagating and amplifying our civilization, we have enhanced the scope and abilities of our perception.
Consciousness has and is continually extending from, into, and through our milieu.
Our milieu is continually extending from, onto through other milieus.
In so doing, we are accessing other minds.
Call it empathy, call it telepathy, call it mirror neurons, or simply— call it society.

We are as much ourselves as we are the world we live in.
We are our experience. We are self. We are other. We are culture.
We are Nature in movementnurturing possibility.

We are evolving from biology into something else.
Just as we evolved from stardust into complex biological systems,
We are now utilizing our own engineering of society to re-create ourselves and have thusly sparked a Shared Nature.
In so doing, nature has connected us and we have connected nature.

Reciprocal, symbiotic, inevitable evo-development.

A meta-cognitive, semiotic dimensionality.
A vibrationally enticing cymatic like manifestation.
A creation of a new reality!

In sum, forks in the road should not be separation, but rather, a meeting point. Consciousness has brought us to the intersection of spirituality, art and science. Mind, soul, and body. Father, son and holy spirit. Each were meant to course through particular paths to understand their own very nature. Segregating only to unite again.

We wish to know. We will to tell. We find we know that we know and thus we establish. We classify. We theorize, we test, we believe. We societize.

Sacred love.
Sacred art.
Sacred science.

Redundantly human. Redundancy yielding infinite saliency.
We find nothing else and thus find ourselves in everything else.

So, be natural- SHARE.